Terms of payment and delivery

  • How to order: select the restaurant, the dish you like, confirm the order. Wait for the call of our operator to complete the order procedure. The operator will tell you the time and cost of delivery.
  • How to pay for the order and delivery:
  1. Cash upon receipt of order;
  2. Bank card online (VISA/MASTERCARD);
  3. Bank card (VISA/MASTERCARD) upon receipt of order;
  4. When ordering IQOS and Heets products, only cash payment to the courier is available;
  • The cost of the delivery service is displayed on the page of each restaurant.
  • The procedure for placing an order, its payment and delivery is described in more detail in the Public offer.

The cost of delivery to more distant streets and suburbs can be found here.

* Note:
- For suburbs, a single tariff is indicated;
- For more distant streets, the "+" is calculated at the standard cost.
(Example: 45 + 10 = 55, where 45 is the standard cost and 10 is the additional cost to you)


*Payment shall be made in moldavian lei (MDL).
If you have any questions concerning the order or service, please contact us at 022 88 88 22
Don’t hesitate to write us by e-mail office@foodhouse.md if you have any comments, wishes or proposals.